Consell Insular d'Eivissa Government EIVISSA Balears, Illes

Flavor, tradition and quality

After months of fattening of the pig, the arrival of the first colds announces the slaughter, the most important festive and festive celebration of the farmer's calendar, from where the traditional sobrasada leaves. Sobrasada FLAVORS OF EIVISSA faithfully maintains the characteristics of the traditional sobrasada.
The pig is raised and fattened in the island, mainly fed with cereals and carob before the slaughter.

 The main ingredient is lean meat, along with greasy and red pepper, which, in addition to acting as an antioxidant, adds the characteristic color and flavor to the sobrasada.
Preparation: The ingredients once grinded and mixed are stuffed in guts of different caliber, to be subjected to a curing process at a temperature below 16ºC for a minimum of 20 days in the case of thin sausage. The thick grinding allows to distinguish the pieces of meat and fat in the sausage.

"It's morning, dark black yet, everyone is wake up, children and adults. That the pig slaughter is a big party. »
Joan Castelló Guasch. Greix vermell i altres esrits.

The isolation and antiquity of the agricultural settlement on the island has given rise to a wide variety of breeds of domestic animals adapted to our warm and arid Mediterranean conditions. Sheep and goats were the most important livestock and recognized since ancient times for wool and milk production. The black pig is the protagonist of the slaughter, the most important social feast, and the hen and the rabbit, most everyday consumer animals and easy maintenance.

Little by little they have been displaced by breeds of faster growth. For this reason, all of them are currently at risk of extinction and they are objects of recovery programs. Only the black pig has begun to recover the population and is present again in the market thanks to prestigious restaurants.