Consell Insular d'Eivissa Government EIVISSA Balears, Illes

Unique flavors

The restaurants "SABORS D'EIVISSA" are an opportunity to discover the unique flavors of the cuisine of Ibiza.

Insular character

With a strong insular character that conditions the availability of ingredients and has allowed the survival of culinary traditions rooted in the history. At the same time, the sea has been a path that has enabled the arrival of new influences and cultures.


Seasonal, rich in flavors changing with the calendar of harvests of the sea and the land. The most emblematic products are the protagonists: sobrasada, lamb, red potato, watermelon, red shrimp, lobster and fresh fish, and as dessert, flaó.

Deeply Mediterranean

Deeply Mediterranean, where the trilogy wine, bread and olive oil is omnipresent, and gastronomy becomes a reason to share, enjoy, live together. And in a healthy way with a diet and a lifestyle of recognized prestige in the world.

Tradition: the art of patience

Farmers and fishermen took advantage of the island's limited resources to offer dishes that have passed from generation to generation. Without rushes, following routines inherited over generations and a careful selection of the ingredients of the island, they elaborate humble dishes such as the Easter's "cuinat" or the feast dishes such as the "sofrit pagès". For starters, traditional olive oil and bread, leaven with sourdough and without salt, to accompany traditional dishes such as "bullit de peix", the fried octopus "frita de polp" or de potato salad, always watered with wine from Eivissa.

And as a dessert a delicious flaó, a cake with a medieval recipe based on fresh cheese flavored with mint. And on the table, hierbas ibicencas, aniseed liqueur that concentrates the aromas of the aromatic plants of our forests and fields.


The Ibiza produces are dressed in gala. Beyond tradition, the new Ibiza cuisine of the avant-garde and the arrival of chefs from around the world bring a new look: new textures and shapes emerge from the merger with the ingredients and flavors of Ibiza. It is not surprising that Japanese influences on traditional fish dishes appears, or that French chefs bet on the terroir of Ibiza.