Consell Insular d'Eivissa Government EIVISSA Balears, Illes
Yebisah supplies wood and salt to much of Africa (Al-Makkim, 11th century)

The famous trilogy Mediterranean wheat, wine and oil, as the most emblematic products is not complete without one of the most historically valued and characteristic ingredients: the sea salt. In Ibiza, the confluence of the Mediterranean, especially rich in sodium chloride (31 g / l), that duplicates the concentration of the Baltic Sea, the high level of sunlight and the large easily floodable coastal plain have allowed the creation of the Salinas de Ibiza, currently Recognized for its biological value as a Natural Park.

The importance in the ancient world of the sald as a food preservative led to the creation of the Salinas by the Phoenician settlers, great producers of salt-preerved fishes, and the salt extraction has continued until today. Main source of wealth throughout the history of the island, its income were the base of the economy and allowed the subsistence of the Middlel-Age University, the local government. Improvements to the island, such as the defensive walls and towers, were built thanks to their income.